PunkGraphicStream 0.7

A significant update to PunkGraphicStream (my Advanced Substation Alpha to blu-ray subtitle encoder) has been released, it can now render large subtitles as multi-part bitmaps. It also features a newer, maintained, renderer from here.

I don’t recommend large subtitles with animations or fades and as always any fades/animations should be carefully tested on devices as it is easy to go over their limits.

Source is available from GitHub.

MacOSX & Windows builds are available from http://code.google.com/p/punkgraphicstream/downloads/list



Unknown -

Hello David,
Are you still working on PunkGraphicStream? I have an issue with the win 64bit OS, the program does not encode. Is there a better solution than using a 32bit win os?

David Connolly -

Hi Patrick,

It isn’t being actively worked on at present. Though, I do plan to do a build for win64 and move the source to github in the near future.

Have you tried a java 6 32bit jvm?


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