Saturday, April 29, 2006

Switching root from Flash to RS-MMC without Flasher

On my Nokia 770, I use a 128mb rs-mmc card formatted with ext3 to hold the development rootfs.

The most obvious way to boot off the rs-mmc card is to use the Flasher tool with this command line:
./flasher --set-root-device mmc
And to resume normal operation:
./flasher --set-root-device flash
However flasher needs a PC at hand- cal-tool to the rescue!

For development (on mmc):

sudo gainroot
chroot /mnt/initfs cal-tool -R mmc
init 6

For release (on flash):

sudo gainroot
chroot /mnt/initfs cal-tool -R flash
init 6
N.B. This command requires xterm and root permissions on both your release and development (so you can switch back) images.

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