List of Working Stereo Headsets

This list is outdated. If you want A2DP, upgrade to Leopard.

Here is a round-up of stereo headsets reported to work with my earlier instructions, however this should be relevant for these instructions.

Reported Working (Intel)
Motorola HT820
Griffin Bluetrip
Plantronics Pulsar 260
Plantronics Pulsar 590A
Jabra BT 620s (1 report of performance problem, Other reports of success)

Reported Working (PPC)
Jabra BT320s
Bluespoon Spider Stereo

Reported Not Working (Intel)
Sony Ericsson’s HBH-DS970
Omiz Combo BT headphone
Motorola S9
Motorola DC800
Jensen WBT212

Reported Not Working* (PPC)
Motorola HT820 (Static Outputted)
Motorola S9 (Static Outputted)

Information Requested
Sony DR-BT20NX

* It seems very likely that any headset that doesn’t work on Intel Macs will not work on PPC Macs.


Anonymous -

any info would be appreciated about pairing with sony’s DR-BT20NX.thx Anonymous -

I use Sony DR-BT21G with PPC mac, but it sounds noisy…
Does anyone have more info to listen music clear? Anonymous -

hi, i got Sony DR-BT20NX this week and ventured my first “cut&paste” programming.

I believed i didn’t do it correctly on step 1: Install Darwin Ports. I don’t know how to add those two export path lines into ~/.profile. So the result of “command env” shows the same PATH as Sample output. But i proceeded.

Amazing!! I can listen to higher quality iTune music and skype on my Macbook.

But it works only partially. My voice cannot be heard from the other skype receiver through BR-BT20NX’s build-in microphone (they can hear me if I use Macbook’s internal microphone). From time to time, the sound drops and resume in one to few secs. Besides, every time I have to run a2dp.sh on a terminal in order to use my headset, instead of autolaunching. Is this normal?

Anyway, Awesome job!! David
Thank you!

Ia any Idiot’s Guide on how to modify ~/.profile file available? Oliver -

Anybody tested the Logitech Wireless BT headphones? ddub -

This comment has been removed by the author. ddub -

Anyone have this working on a Jensen WBT310 BT Receiver… Can’t seem to make it work.. Anonymous -

I’ve got it to work with my Sony DR-BT20Q’s on my MBP. However, in addition to the sound drops, the sound regularly changes key. I guess this will have to do until Leopard is released. Anonymous -

iMuffs BT-210 working great. Took me a minute or two to realize that ADDR = address of your headphones, available for free at your bluetooth preference panel.

ie: ./a2dpcast 00-15-52-00-59-b1 I have a So… Howie -

Thanks David and Tim for your work.
I have a Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 Headset working with a Macbook.
Tried it with the soundflower version some time ago and got static. Howie -

P.S. They were an eBay purchase, so who knows if they really are HBH-DS970’s Fabián Arias -

I’m very happy to report that the Nokia BH-501 is working in my Macbook C2D 2.0.

The cons: It experiments heavy crack distortion when listening louder (iTunes’ top volume for example) and there is a constant and unbalanced hiss in the right, but for my daily desktop job, it works just fine. The Missing Link -

it’s working with motorola Sound pilot S705 ‘Stereo pendant’

Thanks for the excellent blog dude.. appreciate it a lot, i do Anonymous -

BenQ-Siemens HHB-750 - works @ MacBook (Intel) Anonymous -

Tried to make it work with Macally Bluewave – all I could get was a pulsing scratchy noise, every second or so. Anonymous -

Working on MBP OSX.4 with the kyocera TXCKT10155 I got from Woot!. Used the “new” method – Jack/a2dpcast

Thanks a bunch.

they’re kyocera John -

I’m trying the GSH300

they’re kyocera

I don’t seem to have them working. Though i do have jack installed the aggregate device listed, and a2dpcast running correctly.

I keep getting sendbuf : ng in the terminal window…i guess that’s a no good. John -

got it working, took a lot of clicking and such, but yea. It was a little laggy from youtube audio, but qt is fine.

I am catching a little hitch from time to time on audio from qt, but it’s not unlistenable.

thanks. This is awesome! Chase -

I’ve got a motorola ht820 sort of working on an intel mac…

It works for about 2 mins before a2dpcast starts giving ‘sendbuf: ng’ and i have to reconnect. Also, when it is working, it has static clicks here and there and the audio cuts out sporadically, which is then followed by jack going to around 80-90% cpu. Unknown -

working perfectlywith Jabra BT620. Crispy and Clear sound, very stable and no choppy, installation went smoothly, just make sure you follow the instruction for the latest version of a2dpcast-0.3 and kextload thingy. Unknown -

Works with Sony DR-BT10CX - but need to do some more tweaking on sound input.

Using iBook G4. entropia -

Sony Ericsson MBR-100 is working with Intel Mac OS X 10.4.10. Latency is around half a second with a2dpcast and AudioReflectorPort kext. No hiss, hum or static. Great audio quality.

The MRB-100 is not a headset - it’s more of a “sound transferer”. It connects to the Bluetooth source and simply converts it analog and can be fed to external headphones or like in my case, to a power amp. Wireless audio via Bluetooth to the big stereo system at home.

Here’s more info about the MRB-100: Overview @ Sony Ericsson

I got it working without any problems … Anonymous -


I got it working without any problems with a set of Samsung SBH-100 on a Powerbook G4. I will try them with my Intel MacMini later in the week. Matt -

Having difficulties with a2dpcast on macbook to motorola dj s805. I don’t get anything with the Aggregate Device interface. I do have a small amount of success with Built-in Output. After start_stream: ok, I get around 1/3rd of a second of quality audio from the headset. Then it cuts out. I can push play on the headset for another 1/3rd of a second.

I just checked the sourcecode and found the second arg… I tried 16 and now I’m getting streaming audio (from the microphone, now to figure out how to get it jacked). So I’m going to call that success. i.Tech BlueBAND R stereo… henmaker -

i got it worked on my
i.Tech BlueBAND R stereo headset Kamon -

I’m on a 1.2Ghz iBook G4 and I’ve got it working with both the Motorola Ht820 and Motorola DC800-Granted it drops out from time to time, but that’s to be expected I suppose. BlkDragon96 -

Count the Philips Vox 340 out. Tried using both a2dpcast .2 and .3. I’m running an intel MacBook pro w/ OSX 10.4.10 Anonymous -

Works great on Jabra BT620 headset. Just install the required software as documented. The tricky part was the aggregate audio portion. Follow instructions as in video.

Then, start jack pilot with settings as shown in video. Next, start itunes and play some music. Then run the a2dp command with the first argument being your bluetooth address(found in bluetooth preferences). Finally, click on routing button on jack pilot. You should see itunes under send ports and a2dpcast as receive ports. Click itunes out1 & a2dpcast in1 then do the same for out2 and a2dpcast in2. Anonymous -

Does it work with the Sony HWS-BRA2W audio adapter? I did the instructions but I still have to get my mac to recognize the device… how do I get it recognize the adapter? Not possible? Is it possible to route it through a cellphone?

I have thi… Anonymous -

Very nice piece of code. Thanks!

I have this working with some Acoustic Energy AE29-06C Stereo Bluetooth Speakers from my PPC Mac mini and Tiger. Good stuff!

I’ve recently tried driving the speakers from a MBP and Leopard. The sound quality was pants compared with the mini / Tiger / a2dpcast.


Does anyone else have the problem that a2dpcast hard crashes the OS after ~6hrs? My Mac requires a power cycle if I forget to kill a2dpcast before I go to bed! Anonymous -

It was working just fine, then after opening a bunch of applications it shut off. When restarted, it has been garbled, and only lasts for a few seconds ever since. Any idea what I did to cause this? Anonymous -

I just bought a Sony DR-BT20NX and it works smoothly on my PPC G4 PowerBook 12" with OS X 10.4.11. All this thanks to a2dpcast.

Some program output follows, in case it could help anyone.
new-users-powerbook-g4-12:/ newuser$ a2dpcast 00-1a-80-df-a0-6c 27

Found audio device “Built-in Audio”
Found audio device “Stereo Bluetooth Headset”
Found audio device “DR-BT20NX”

Using audio device “Stereo Bluetooth Headset”

sample rate is 44100, channels is 2
2008-11-23 11:20:19.075 a2dpcast[2488] *** _NSAutoreleaseNoPool(): Object 0x39f9a0 of class NSIdEnumerator autoreleased with no pool in place - just leaking
2008-11-23 11:20:19.076 a2dpcast[2488] *** _NSAutoreleaseNoPool(): Object 0x3a7810 of class IOBluetoothNotification autoreleased with no pool in place - just leaking
2008-11-23 11:20:19.077 a2dpcast[2488] *** _NSAutoreleaseNoPool(): Object 0x3a6c30 of class NSCFArray autoreleased with no pool in place - just leaking
discover : received
SEID = 2
SEID 2 : MPEG codec
SEID = 1
Sent set configurations command
set_config : accepted
open : stream channnel
open_stream : ok
start_stream : ok
mtu = 672

frm_len = 59
43410 bytes/sec, hdr.sampling_frequency is 2
Transmitting A2DP, press RETURN to stop. Anonymous -

To let the audio flow in Hi-Fi to the BT headset now one need to run manually a2dpcast manually from terminal. I was wandering if it is possible to have a2dp run by the system automaticaly when one select the BT headset as output sound device.
Thanks Anonymous -

It works with iogear GBMH211W6, thanks Anonymous -

well on a Leopard macbook pro iogear gbmh211w6 has trouble being paired with the macbook pro. It is not yet paired. Anonymous -

finally got it to work Anonymous -

works with i.Tech Clip R35, Mac OS X 10.4.11 PBG4 Alu 1,5, JackOSX 0.8.5 after working through the readme for a2dpcast with set option to 32 in Terminal: ./a2dpcast xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx 32

So the additional 32 made the success.

Thanks, great software

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