Elgato EyeTV Hybrid in Windows

I recently purchased an Elgato EyeTV Hybrid, on the basis of it having great Mac OS X software (EyeTV).

In a brief reboot to Windows tonight, I discovered that the Elgato device is recognised as a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-900. They even look identical, except for the paint-job!

Device Details as seen from WinTV32:

Model 65018 Rev. B2C0
Serial #4027230016
Tuner Model/Formats: Xceive XC3028 // (BG/I/DK) / DVB-T
Tuner Audio: Mono
Video Formats: NTSC ( M 443 ) PAL ( B G H I D K M N NCOMBO ) SECAM ( L L’ )
Audio Outputs: Internal
External Inputs: 2
S-Video Inputs: 1
Radio: None
Decoder: TVP5150A
IR: Yes

Of course tuner audio “mono” refers to analog reception only, with DTT it just plays the source bitstream so it is more likely to be joint stereo or stereo.

Even though I rarely reboot to Windows, I would have purchased the Elgato with a lot less hesitation had I known in advance. If your intrested check out The Register’s excellent review.


Anonymous -

Thank you for this post. It saved me a lot of money! You are a star!

It’s also amazing how much better Elgato’s software is than Hauppauge’s.


Unknown -

Thanks David, this was exactly the info I was looking for.

Anonymous -

yeah, this was perfect!"

Anonymous -

how do you install this in xp on a mac? I´ve tried using these files(http://www.hauppauge.com/html/sw_tvusb.htm), but never get past installing the driver (it fails). I get to this point:
After rebooting, Windows will display a “New Hardware Found” message, and then go on to install this updated driver.

But it doesn´t find any driver to install.

Did I misunderstand and need aditional software or should the files on this page be enough?

The WinTV-USB is a completely differen… David Connolly -


The WinTV-USB is a completely different product from the WinTV-HVR-900, use this driver instead:


Best of Luck!

Anonymous -

thanks have the right files now. up and running (sort of anyway, not quite eyetv this software)

I can’t find the right drivers ei… Anonymous -

Hi David,

I can’t find the right drivers either and the link above doesn’t work anymore. I purchased the Elagato EyeTv Hybrid believing that it works with MacOSX and Windows XP. Can you help?



They keep changing there site a… David Connolly -

Hi Claudia,

They keep changing there site around, so it is difficult to keep the links up to date.

However here is a direct link to the windows driver:

Further drivers, advice & manuals can be found by clicking on support and selecting the HVR-900 as your product.

Best of luck!

I bought an Elgato RW EyeTV 250… Imraan.Haniff -

Hi There David.
I bought an Elgato RW EyeTV 250 PlusEU (DVB-T/analog) Usb unit.
Please could u help me find drivers for this device for Windows.Tried Cynergy but cannot get tuner software to work.

Thank You

i have a elgato hybrid eyetv US… Anonymous -

hey david..

i have a elgato hybrid eyetv USB device with drivers for Macintosh OS..i need drivers for windows can you help me…

send me emails on shunanu@gmail.com

Anonymous -

My Hybrid is not supported by the hvr900 driver, the vendor/product id is ofd9/0018. do we still have any chance? thanks

I am trying now to solve same issue as your… Giuseppeynati -

I am trying now to solve same issue as yours, but with a new Elgato EyeTV Diversity (dual tuners). I would like to use this hardware in windows XP with any piece of softare that could recognize it (I still do not have a macbook, just a weird XP laptop…). I have tryed with latest version of WinTV 7, and Nova-T-TD-Stick_3_11_26253_WHQL.zip driver, but it does not recognize the hardware.
Any experience out there?

Unknown -

I got the new EyeTV Hybrid (with DVB-C) to work under windows.

Just download the WHQL stand-alone drivers for Hauppauge 930C:

In the file HCWemBda.inf you just have to change the line:
%USBHVR930C.DeviceDesc% = USBHVR930C,USB\VID_2040&PID_1605
%USBHVR930C.DeviceDesc% = USBHVR930C,USB\VID_0FD9&PID_0018

The point the windows install wizard to the directory of the moded driver.

I use DVBViewer, but other third-party DVB-software like ProgDVB might also work.

I really thank you for your hint wit… Anonymous -


I really thank you for your hint with the modified driver from the 930 device! Was almost giving up, getting the right driver for my (new) hybrid stick!

Anonymous -

Hi!, anyone that have a soloution for the eyetv usb stick (elgato) to run under windows xp? -Xp show it as Nova-T stick but xp wont accept the haupgee driver for it -thanks!

Guy -

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Guy -

Go to my blog for more help with the EyeTV Hybrid (read the second blog).


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