Monday, May 01, 2006

CIFS Module for Nokia 770

I have released a package containing the linux kernel's CIFS module. The CIFS module allows accessing Windows & Samba file shares.

Performance is good while copying files. However it isn't fast enough to stream .mp3 files without skipping so my in-house icecast won't be retired anytime soon!!

The module has been built with a patch from git:

commit id 0753ca7bc2b876dd136e9db11a20f85cbe4e08b1

[CIFS] Change pragma pack(1) to attribute(packed) to allow cifs on arm to access unaligned structures coming in off the wire

The package is available here. It is best used with mount-cifs available here.

Example Usage (requires root):

mkdir /home/user/MyDocs/.documents/Windows

insmod /var/lib/install/lib/modules/

mount.cifs \\\\WINDOWS_PC_IPADDRESS\\SHARE_NAME /home/user/MyDocs/.documents/Windows -o guest

Build instructions:

  • Follow wiki- HowTo KernelCompilation, upto Compliation Step 5.
  • Download patch available here
  • Patch kernel-build folder (e.g. patch -i su-18-kernel-cifs.patch -p1)
  • Proceed to build kernel as described in wiki.
N.B. You don't have to flash your Nokia 770 with a new kernel for this module.